OMG! Is THAT My Plane?


I am traveling on business today and will be gone only for a few days. You would think it would be an easy trip since I am traveling alone. The preparation to go on this little trip took longer than the trip itself.

I had to do laundry, lay out clothes (in coordinating outfits of course), pack lunches, arrange for pickups and drop offs, pack and 50 other little details. I feel like a sous chef but for my family. I set everything up so my husband can just get up and out without thinking.

God- I need a wife!

I didn’t sleep well since I had so much to do and I knew leaving for a few days would turn my little troop upside down. My little one woke and asked if this was the day I was leaving. She proceeded to cry. Oh Jeeez! Here we go.

The rest of the morning I had to look at the faces of my girls and husband which were beyond sad. They actually looked lost. I realized that I had never left them for a few days before. They were on their own. Either they were going to have one big ass party or they we’re going to be in the fetal position until my return.

They drove me to the airport and Bella, my 4 year old, couldn’t contain herself. She was crying as if I was going to the “chair”. I felt bad as I walked away from the car and prayed I live for a long long time. Then as we were walking to board, I saw the plane. Is THAT my plane?

I am a pretty good traveler but I really don’t like puddle jumpers (tiny little planes). There were 10 rows and I realized that the bus into NYC is literally large. Oh the joy!

Now I am thinking, “Holy crap what if I don’t make it? My whole family is in shambles already and I am going to die on this mini aircraft.”

It was a bumpy ride. I was one bump away from losing my bagel. Luckily I kept everything down and safely landed. I am sitting in the airport waiting for my connecting flight hoping the next plane is much much bigger.
Wish me luck!