Broiled Salmon with a Side of Stress

It’s Friday night so we decided to try a new restaurant that we heard about. It was a really nice bustling Italian place. Ahhh  – a romantic dinner with my husband and our cranky ass 4 year old daughter. Did I say romantic? Scratch that.

Bella may mean beautiful but tonight our little Bella was less than cute. Whether it was low blood sugar, an oncoming cold or just sheer crankiness, I contemplated leaving more than once and secretly longed to eat a Lean Cuisine at home by myself. After dropping each toy on the floor 15 times and disapproving of the Crayon selection, the waiter came over with the bread basket. It was as if the clouds parted and the heavens shined through. From that point on, we actually wound up having a nice dinner and I actually got to enjoy my amazing broiled salmon. I guess parents aren’t the only ones who are exhausted after a long week.

She’s sleeping now and I can finally relax. TGIF