Positive Thinking Does Work – It’s Never Too Late

think positively

Positive Thinking

This is the second in the series, What a Difference a Year Makes“. While I always considered myself a glass-half-full kinda girl, being positive does require some work but it is very worth it.

A while back I saw the movie, “The Secret” and was very intrigued but soon forgot the general principals of the Law Of Attraction. Then last year when I found myself unemployed, I starting reading about the Law in depth. I started applying its principals everyday in order to attract the life I truly wanted. I have to tell you that it truly does work. Thinking positively does make a difference if you want to make changes in your life for the better. There are a gazillion books on LOA, so I won’t go into here but I will say that I am blessed to have found it and I am a true believer.

As of a year ago my career was drab, monotonous and overwhelming. While I got paid very well, it felt like blood money. My job took time away from my family just to be stressed, under appreciated and miserable. I felt like a prisoner who was owned by a bunch of people I didn’t even like. I literally felt as if a piece of me was dying everyday that I drove into that parking lot.

Then the best thing happened…I was laid off. Some people may think that being let go would be devastating but it’s all how you look at things. What was more important –  my sanity or a big pay check? For me the answer was obvious. Then I started thinking positively and I applied the law of attraction.  I laid out the life that I wanted by visualizing it and believing it was mine. My situation did a complete 180 and I was able to stay afloat financially. I learned what was truly important to me in the process.

Today I can say without hesitation that for once I am truly happy. Thinking positively doesn’t cost a dime but it does take dedication.

So if you want to change your situation, get a new job, better yourself or just be a lighter, happier person, start believing in yourself and your dreams.

Open up your world. Think positively.