Oh Sandy I hate you and I don’t even know you

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy via  Weather Channel

It’s Sunday and Hurricane Sandy hasn’t even started to rear her ugly head in the North East. People are scrambling to get last minute items and prep their houses.  Schools have announced closings and government officials have issued a state of emergency. All the preparation is important for our safety from the wrath of this horrific storm.

My question though is who is going to save me from my kids?

Not that this is about me but what about us parents? Millions of parents on the Eastern Seaboard are stressing out not only about floods or high winds but the fate of being stuck in the house with their children.

We still have power, no rain yet and I am already pulling out my hair. So far there has been an argument over a flute which I was about to throw out the window, my little one was so cranky I put her in her room and she cried so hard she threw up and my eldest ripped the house apart like a hurricane herself looking for a game she hasn’t played with in 2 years.

At this point I may willingly volunteer to help look for downed power lines. So Sandy, I hate you already and I don’t even know you. Like a guest that has over stayed their welcome I look forward to your departure already so I can regain my sanity.