It’s National Nothing Day – What Are You Doing About It?

National Nothing Day

No really – It’s National Nothing Day.

In honor of my new favorite holiday, National Nothing Day, I have decided to share my thoughts on what I am currently doing nothing, zip, zero, about today. So here’s my short list (and trust me there is more):

  • Losing those few extra pounds that haunt me every time I put on my “fat jeans” and they feel tight.
  • Cleaning out that closet that would probably be sanctioned as a hazard anywhere else.
  • Getting may car washed (ever) even though I hear my husband’s voice ringing in my ear as I see the grime accumulating.
  • Doing bills that sit in my checkbook waiting to be written – isn’t “in the checkbook” a good start?
  • Working out if only for 10 minutes to make myself feel like less of a sloth.
  • Doing the laundry 10 loads of laundry that await me every day!

So I say, “Nope! Not today” to it all. Trust me, I will feel guilty again in just a few short hours. So be proud, do nothing and enjoy it just for this one day!

Tell me what you’re doing nothing about!


A Survival Guide to Sarcasm; 6 Killer Comments You’ll Want to Live Without

Happiness Depends 6 Killer Comments

I come from a long line of sarcastic people. From my 92 year old grandmother right down to my 12 and 4 year old girls. We all have a quick wit, sharp tongues and the comments for better or worse, fly. What I’ve noticed, though, is that while sarcasm is part of our genetic make up, comments that we all make can be annoying, uncalled for and hardly ever positive.

Here is a helpful guide and a little insight into some different types comments:

1. Under-the-breath comment – Probably the most frustrating and comes usually from my 12 year old. It’s typically followed by me yelling, “What did you just say?!” and gets the usually snotty reply “Nothing!” What’s most annoying is that if you took the time to say it, SPEAK UP!

2. Last Word comment – “It’s going to rain today.”, “No it’s not”, “Yes it is”, “We’ll see”, “Yeah we will”, and so on and so on. Need I say more?!

3. Piss You Off comment– These can be fun when you are the instigator but not when your on the receiving end. Similar to the last word, they are the extra dings a person gives that really are unnecessary. A great example is when my grandmother told my husband that she thought he was actually much older! Ouch.

4. Know It All comment – We all know that person who has done it all, had it worse and knows more about that subject than anyone. The best way I can describe that is my husbands description of a friend who falls into this category. He says that if he said his balls hurts she would tell him hers hurts more. Enough said.

5. F-U comment (aka the quick hit)– Probably the most short and sweet of the list. The F-U comment it great to get your point across and knock ‘me to their knees. It’s often combined with the Piss You Off comment.

6. Complimentary comment– This is the most elusive and least used. These stand out because they are few and far between which probably makes them so special. They are a needed addition especially with the ongoing barrage of the other types of comments.

Every one of the aforementioned comments have their own place and are all needed at one time or another. However I recommend that you use them wisely because they can be deadly – especially if the person on the receiving end is as sarcastic as you are!

Tell us which comment you love or loathe the most.