Shampoo to Perfume – How many beauty products does it take to make us beautiful?

I was getting ready one morning when it dawned I me just how many beauty products I use while getting ready each day. So I decided to count them.  Hair products, skin care, makeup and perfume.  I never quantified the sheer number of items I used each day. Now I know  why the ladies at the  beauty counter see me coming from a mile away.

I used a grand total of 19 products in all.

Here is my list:

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  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • soap
  • body wash
  • face wash
  • shaving cream
  • deodorant
  • skin toner
  • face moisturizer
  • eye cream
  • foundation
  • blush
  • shimmer cream
  • eye shadow
  • eye pencil
  • mascara
  • lip gloss
  • hair spray
  • perfume

So go ahead …experiment and let me know how many you use.


Who is that looking back at me


One day I got a quick glance in the mirror and did a double take. I asked myself “Who the heck is looking back at me?! Really? The person I know and love is young, perky, wrinkle free and raring to go.

We all have good and bad days but at what point did I age from that lovely 22 year old? Well the mirror answered that questions real fast!

It’s kind of like a person that passes away (ok maybe not that bad) but you want to remember them as they were…before!

So while I have come to terms with what I will call my “less young” self, I try to embrace the reflection I have now. Do I sound convincing enough?