Happy Birthday to Christina Applegate, JFK jr. -Anyone But Me


Happy birthday to me. Well yes it is true. I can run but I can’t hide. Today is my birthday but while the “glass half full” part of me is thrilled to be alive, healthy and so thankful for so much, the other side is sad that another year has gone by. I ask myself if this is normal or if it’s a mini mid life crisis.

I share this great day with people like JFK jr. who if had the chance would love another candle filled cake. And Christina Applegate who battled cancer, won and is thrilled to celebrate another year. So why am I sad! I have no right really.

So I am picking myself up by boot straps and smiling at the chance to celebrate another year with my wonderful family, loyal friends and truly appreciate what I have while living my life to the fullest. I am a true Sagittarius so I better start acting like one, right?

So happy birthday to me and everyone else who shares this great day!


Who is that looking back at me


One day I got a quick glance in the mirror and did a double take. I asked myself “Who the heck is looking back at me?! Really? The person I know and love is young, perky, wrinkle free and raring to go.

We all have good and bad days but at what point did I age from that lovely 22 year old? Well the mirror answered that questions real fast!

It’s kind of like a person that passes away (ok maybe not that bad) but you want to remember them as they were…before!

So while I have come to terms with what I will call my “less young” self, I try to embrace the reflection I have now. Do I sound convincing enough?