A Letter from a Heterosexual Mom of Two

As a parent when your child is born you are overcome with joy.  The hopes and dreams of their future envelop your thoughts and you picture what you want their life to be.

We don’t choose our children.  We cannot select their eye color or their height or if their hair will be curly or straight.  That’s part of the beauty of being a parent- watching them develop into the person they become.

If this is the case why are there so many children who have been shunned based on who they are?

I recently had the privilege of reading the film script, “A Place Called Home.  It is about the plight of a 16 year old girl, Ally, who quickly has to come to terms with being gay. Young and vulnerable, she is thrown into dealing with her sexuality way before she is ready.  Her parents are unsupportive and shun her.  Ally has to walk a very hard road alone at an age when she should have the support and love of her family.  She has no choice but to turn to the streets and luckily she finds refuge at a home for LGBT youths.

I cried when I read the script because I literally felt Ally’s emptiness.  I thought of my daughters being confused, overwhelmed and most if all, completely alone.  My kids are fortunate because I love them unconditionally.  No really.  Not the kind of “unconditionally” that fits in a pretty little box on my terms, but the kind in which I support my children no matter what life brings our way.  Tall or short, rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, gay or straight.  They are my children, my loves, and it is my job to walk any road hand in hand with them with our heads held high.

I was so moved by Ally’s story which was inspired by the over 600,000 currently homeless LGBTQ teens and the millions of former homeless teens who are now part of the more than 9 million LGBTQ adults in America.  These numbers are staggering. I cannot fathom ever letting any child live on the streets willingly, let alone for narrow minded nonacceptance.

I applaud all the great organizations like “A Place Called Home” for the work they do for the equality of LGBTQ community.  The list is endless which shows that there is hope.

I give special kudos to Sherry Kelly of MC Productions who developed “A Place Called Home” to shed light on this very important and real situation.

Lastly I will just say this: We all see beauty in our own way and this is why being different is priceless.  Love our children for who they are, what’s in their hearts, and what makes them unique.  Be kind and supportive because that’s what life is all about.

As stated in the script,

“Like the old saying goes right?  You don’t deserve to see one at their best if you haven’t been with them through their worst.  Those who accept you regardless are your family.”


Read more about “A Place Called Home” the Movie. 


Dreams can come true – I mean it!


If you can dream it, you can have it.

In my post called “What a Difference a Year Makes” I referenced six things that summed up my last crazy yet amazing year. “Dreams can come true- I mean it” is the first of series. 

It truly is amazing, how much can change in a single year. We can hope that it all nets out to be positive or we can actually take action and make thing happen. I actually started the year letting things happen. I was going along day to day as if on auto pilot – not loving my job, feeling stuck and not knowing how to move on. I mean, let’s face it, with kids, bills and responsibilities, many of us are taught to do what you have to do even if it may suck! Right?

I decided it was time to put my mind to action and think positively. I read every book I could find about positive thinking, recited every mantra and most importantly, I believed things would change. And change they did. Within a couple months, I lost my job which most may think is awful but it was a blessing! At the same time my husband secured a new job with benefits that kicked in almost to the day of losing mine. Phewwww! I decided this was my chance to do what I wanted to do all my life – to be an actress.

Since I was 3 years old, I knew this is what I wanted to do. I took acting lessons as a kid and in college but I was taught to always take the safe bet and that going to school and getting a “good paying” job was more important. (More important to who?!) So I did just that. I received a BS in Finance and then an MBA in Marketing. I did make good money but guess what? I was not remotely happy. The acting bug always reared its ugly head but I usually had an excuse to push it back down – money, kids etc.

But when I got laid off last year, I knew I ran out of excuses and regardless of how old I was, I was going to do this! And I did. I got head shots done, enrolled in acting classes and started to put myself out there. It has been a fantastic ride. I have been on television, in films, a commercial, print and continue to book jobs. While I am still working my way through it all, I can say that I am 100% comfortable on camera and actually have been very fortunate to date. “Am I a huge Hollywood star”, you ask? Not YET. Stay tuned.

I continue to practice positive thinking everyday and I can tell you that it truly works for me. I am happy. I have accomplished a lot and I continue to make goals and achieve them. I can also tell you that I will NEVER work in corporate America again. I tell my kids all the time, that I demand one thing: That they go to school for something they love and that they can have anything they put their mind to. If you love what you do, the money WILL come.

If you have a dream not matter how big, it can be a reality. Don’t give up on it.

Dream it, believe it and go for it. Why not?

Happy Birthday to Christina Applegate, JFK jr. -Anyone But Me


Happy birthday to me. Well yes it is true. I can run but I can’t hide. Today is my birthday but while the “glass half full” part of me is thrilled to be alive, healthy and so thankful for so much, the other side is sad that another year has gone by. I ask myself if this is normal or if it’s a mini mid life crisis.

I share this great day with people like JFK jr. who if had the chance would love another candle filled cake. And Christina Applegate who battled cancer, won and is thrilled to celebrate another year. So why am I sad! I have no right really.

So I am picking myself up by boot straps and smiling at the chance to celebrate another year with my wonderful family, loyal friends and truly appreciate what I have while living my life to the fullest. I am a true Sagittarius so I better start acting like one, right?

So happy birthday to me and everyone else who shares this great day!

Happiness starts with a smile

Broiled Salmon with a Side of Stress

It’s Friday night so we decided to try a new restaurant that we heard about. It was a really nice bustling Italian place. Ahhh  – a romantic dinner with my husband and our cranky ass 4 year old daughter. Did I say romantic? Scratch that.

Bella may mean beautiful but tonight our little Bella was less than cute. Whether it was low blood sugar, an oncoming cold or just sheer crankiness, I contemplated leaving more than once and secretly longed to eat a Lean Cuisine at home by myself. After dropping each toy on the floor 15 times and disapproving of the Crayon selection, the waiter came over with the bread basket. It was as if the clouds parted and the heavens shined through. From that point on, we actually wound up having a nice dinner and I actually got to enjoy my amazing broiled salmon. I guess parents aren’t the only ones who are exhausted after a long week.

She’s sleeping now and I can finally relax. TGIF


The Little things

Stop and smell the roses! Most of us have said this from time to time but to actually practice it is a whole other ball game. This pretty little lady caught my eye, flew right by me and landed on a tree flapping her wings. We were apple picking and she added a little more sweetness to my day. She just sat on the branch, wasn’t afraid and just fluttered her wings. Maybe it was sign! Maybe not.

Welcome to Happiness Depends!

I was thinking about what I should name this blog… Jersey Mom (too much Jersey going on), Apparent Parent (taken), Momma All the Way (nah). So I really racked my brain as to how I feel.

  • I am a mom
  • I have good days and bad days
  • I love my kids but they can drive me crazy
  • I work full time and enjoy what I do
  • I am happily married (most days)
  • I try to balance everything with a smile on my face

All true but in the end I netted out that I just want to be happy. And that all depends!

It depends on the weather, if we got out of the door on time, the amount of caffeine pumping through my veins and a million other factors that change by the minute!

So I came up with the title – “Happiness Depends

I hope you enjoy my journey!