It’s National Nothing Day – What Are You Doing About It?

National Nothing Day

No really – It’s National Nothing Day.

In honor of my new favorite holiday, National Nothing Day, I have decided to share my thoughts on what I am currently doing nothing, zip, zero, about today. So here’s my short list (and trust me there is more):

  • Losing those few extra pounds that haunt me every time I put on my “fat jeans” and they feel tight.
  • Cleaning out that closet that would probably be sanctioned as a hazard anywhere else.
  • Getting may car washed (ever) even though I hear my husband’s voice ringing in my ear as I see the grime accumulating.
  • Doing bills that sit in my checkbook waiting to be written – isn’t “in the checkbook” a good start?
  • Working out if only for 10 minutes to make myself feel like less of a sloth.
  • Doing the laundry 10 loads of laundry that await me every day!

So I say, “Nope! Not today” to it all. Trust me, I will feel guilty again in just a few short hours. So be proud, do nothing and enjoy it just for this one day!

Tell me what you’re doing nothing about!


Little Spa Moments

I try to live in the moment when I can and really appreciate little moments of pleasure. These can be anything including:

– an unexpected minute by myself
– hearing an old song
– escaping in a good book
– or getting a quick pedicure

I try not to talk on the phone, think or do anything that may break my spa moment. It’s sort of a mini meditation. And since these are fleeting I try to take them for everything they are worth.

What are your spa moments?