What a Difference a Year Makes

Happiness Depends March 12 I have not posted in quite a while, over a year in fact, and the amount of change in my life has been incredible. While I won’t bore you with all the details in this one post (I will do that over time), I will say that this in summary and expand later:

~ Dreams can come true – I mean it!
~ Positive thinking does work – it is never too late
~ Karma can definitely be on your side – so be good (for goodness sake)
~ Always listen to your gut – it knows what the hell it’s doing
~ Make as many connections as you can – they will pay off
~ Lastly, enjoy the ride – you get one chance People!

Again, I am happy to be back and I look forward to elaborating on my year and what all this means. Yes, it all has a meaning and you just might learn something.



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